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Welcome! We're happy you'd like to contribute! This is an open project, and we value contributions from everyone.

We use Github as a code and issues hosting platform. To report a bug or propose a new feature, please open an issue. For pull requests, we would ask you initially create an issue and then create a pull requests linked to this issue.


To start working on the project clone the repository and enter its directory:

$ git clone g[email protected]:frictionlessdata/covid-tracker.git
$ cd covid-tracker

Create a virtual environment (optional):

$ python3 -m venv .python
$ source .python/bin/activate

And install livemark:

$ pip install livemark


Run the following command to install dependencies:

$ livemark run install
pip install -r requirements.txt


To collect the data use the data collection script (run only if you want to update the data):

$ livemark run data

See in-detail on the Data Collection page.


See the Livemark documentation for full details: https://livemark.frictionlessdata.io/

You can then use the command-line interface to build the output HTML file:

$ livemark build

Or start a livereload server to automatically reload the output page as you modify the input Markdown document:

$ livemark start


The project is deployed automatically to Github Pages on every push to "main". That means that the page will automatically be deployed every time there is a change approved from a Pull Request.

If you'd like to update Github Issue/PR templates run this command:

$ livemark run github
sed -i -E "s/@(\w*)/@$(head -n 1 LEAD.md)/" .github/issue_template.md
sed -i -E "s/@(\w*)/@$(head -n 1 LEAD.md)/" .github/pull_request_template.md